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A Guide to Shiny, Happy Teeth When Going Back to School

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The back-to-school season comes with changes in your child’s lifestyle. In this period, you may notice that your little one is concerned about becoming a part of a (new) social group; he or she may eat in a hurry or even attempt to skip meals just to go out and play or  finish homework. Therefore, parents should not only be concerned about picking up school supplies – they must also focus on planning a diet that will maintain dental health and have a positive impact on the child’s performance as well.


Children do not need only calcium and daily tooth brushing; a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, fresh and natural food, combined and consumed properly, translates into strong and healthy teeth. On the other hand, processed food does not provide the necessary nutrients to keep kids’ dental health in optimal condition.

Basic tips for a balanced diet that will promote healthy teeth:

  • High calcium foods

high-calcium-foodsThe most important sources of calcium are green vegetables and other plants with dark green leaves (broccoli, lettuce, sorrel, spinach, cabbage, kale, parsley, dandelion leaves), dairy (cheese, butter, yogurt ), fish (tuna, salmon), eggs, soy (soy milk, tofu cheese) , vegetables (beans, peas ), quinoa, raw sesame seeds, nuts , almonds, sunflower seeds and citrus fruits. Also remember that factors that promote the absorption of calcium include: vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and proteins.


  • Crunchy vegetables, fruits and seeds

These are rich in fibers and are beneficial for the health of the teeth because they call for intense chewing. Mastication generates saliva and food plays the role of a sponge that cleans the teeth. Carrots, apples or cucumbers, walnuts or almonds, salads and whole grains will do wonders for the teeth of your child.

  • Plenty of water

Water plays a major role in the good functioning of the body, regardless of age. Do not forget to give your children a glass of water 30 minutes after a meal and do your best to keep them off soda, as it’s teeth’s #1 enemy.


Put these tips into practice and you will surely not have to worry about your children’s dental health!

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