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Dental Health Linked to Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

If there was ever a good reason for regular visits to a dentist office, here it is.

A new study just out suggest that healthy behaviors like maintaining good dental health and even making sure your dentures fit properly, can help lower the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

A Canadian Study of Health and Aging was conducted with data from over 7000 respondents. On an individual level, it showed how people who maintained healthy habits such as good dental hygiene, proper denture fit, and vision and bladder check ups were at a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s.  When … Read More

Mooresville Dental Office Build Out Pictures

Take a look at photo’s of our Mooresville office build out. We are very excited to see our office come to life. See for yourself.


Check back to see more photo’s… Read More

Lembo Montgomery Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Lembo Montgomery Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

It has been a journey getting the doors open but it is finally here. Let us tell you about it.

The adventure started over one year ago. As sisters we knew we could have more positive impact on the dental health of the people in our community by diving into our own dental practice here in Mooresville.

We have lived in a few different areas of the country, even though our roots are from Michigan, and it has been a lifetime dream of ours to join together in such a profound profession.  However, we are glad to … Read More