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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and dentists are recommending people to get an oral cancer screening. Early detection is key.

The office of Lembo Montgomery DDS welcomes you for an appointment to help you detect oral and oropharyngeal cancer in time. Prevention is key when it comes to all forms of cancer, and the timely detection of oral cancer can help save lives and ensure survivors are sheltered from the long-term complications of the disease.

The Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

Although oral cancer is considered rare, this year alone more than 30,000 cases are expected to be diagnosed in the US. Oral cancer screening can prevent the debilitating complications of such cases, and may even save many lives down the line. Here are only a few of the advantages of getting screened right away:

  • Oral cancer has a 50% mortality rate. Early screening can save your life!
  • Early detection can also help prevent many of the hassles, dangers, and costs of having to use advanced treatments should the disease be discovered at a later date.
  • With the help of advanced technology and knowledge, detection is possible even in the earliest stages of cancer. The sooner oral cancer can be detected, the easier it is to fight it.
  • Even if the result of the test is negative, our dentists can recommend preventive practices like tobacco cessation programs, in order to minimize future risks.

Where to Get Screened for Oral Cancer

Don’t leave your oral health up to chance. Get screened today by a professional oral health specialist!

To get an oral cancer screening without delay, contact our Mooreville dental office, and schedule an appointment as soon as possible! Our dental care specialists will be happy to have you, and they will take care of all the necessary arrangements without any hassle.

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