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Congratulations to our very own Dr. Lindsay Montgomery and Dr. Kara Lembo!

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Dr. Kara Lembo and Dr. Lindsay Montgomery were recently named as two of the 25 women honorees to receive the Inaugural North Carolina Women’s History Month Leadership in Action Award. The recognition is given to women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, iconic global presence, and inspiring business acumen.


They received the award this evening, March 1, 2016, at the Charlotte City Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. The program was sponsored by LWA (Linwick & Associates, LLC) to honor women who are forming their own futures, innovating their industries, reforming business value systems, and compelling businesses to become more competitive in the marketplace.


The award, Career Mastered: Women’s Leadership in Action, celebrates history through recognizing successful women’s careers and enhancing the process of women inspiring and encouraging one another. Their career stories can inspire other women and young girls to aim for greater heights.


When asked what is the secret behind their success, here is what Dr. Lembo and Dr. Montgomery has to say:


We truly love being together as business partners, friends, and sisters. You have to love what you do, have a solid plan, be organized, be a team player, and believe in trust…trust is within the family. Believe in your ability and yourself. Always strive to surround yourself with positive people and energy.


May you continue to inspire others with your good work, Dr. Lembo, and Dr. Montgomery!

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