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Lake Norman Woman Magazine Cover

Lake Norman Woman Magazine Cover nov11
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Dr. Lembo and Dr. Montgomery were featured on the cover of Lake Norman Woman Magazine’s November Issue
MISSION {accomplished!}


A true family affair, Dr. Kara K. Lembo and Dr. Lindsay S. Montgomery are sisters and owners of Lembo-Montgomery Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Mooresville. And their choice of profession and passion for dentistry did not start with them.


“We got started in our career through our father,” says Dr. Montgomery. “He owned a dental practice for 35 years in Northern Michigan, and our mother was a hygienist in the family practice. They taught us how important oral health should be in every day life … our parents inspired us by showing us what dentistry has to offer people and the difference it can make in their health, confidence, and in their lives.”


The sister doctors grew up on Lake Huron in Northern Michigan and always loved being around water. That is part of what brought them to the Lake Norman area but, more profoundly, they both confess that it was the people and the sense of community that touched their hearts and convinced them that this is a great place to raise a family, start a business, and make a home.


“This area is so incredible,” Dr. Lembo says. “Businesses grow beside one another and each wants the other to succeed … it’s very comforting; this area brings a sense of closeness, togetherness, and a feeling of being ‘at home,’ no matter where you are from originally.”


While both attended Central Michigan University for their undergraduate studies, they took different roads to get to Mooresville. Dr. Lembo attended The University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and graduated in May 2003. She then started her own successful dental practice in Detroit where she worked for five years before heading south to Charlotte. Dr. Lembo and her husband of 11 years, Joe, have two children: Joey, 3 years old, and Isabel, 19 months old.


Dr. Montgomery attended Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, Wis., also graduating in May of 2003. For five years, she served in the United States Navy as a general dentist at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. During her service, she was deployed overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom, providing dental care to military personnel. She was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for her efforts. Dr. Montgomery and her husband, Darren, moved to the Charlotte area for her to join in private practice with her sister; working together had been their lifelong dream and goal … mission accomplished!


“We hope,” the doctors agree, “that people in Mooresville and the Lake Norman area will see us for who we are—which is hard working, genuine people who have a true love of family and community … we love what we do, and we strive to treat our patients like they are part of our own family.”


The sisters are definitely doing what they love, and together, they are enjoying what they have built. “We are both very proud,” explains Dr. Montgomery, “of the fact that we are successful women in the dental profession. Dentistry is considered a male dominated field, but we are grateful as women dentists to offer top-quality care, enjoy our family life, and to be a part of this outstanding community.”


Dr. Lembo continues: “Our motivation behind our business is working together as a team and providing a variety of services where our patients feel comfortable and at ease during treatment. We value our patients’ concerns … all of our patients are truly wonderful and, when we meet other family members and their friends, we get a sense of being welcomed into their circle, and we become their second family. It is very rewarding!”


When asked about life and business advice, the sisters say it with a smile: “You have to love what you do, have a solid plan, be organized, be a team player and believe in trust … trust is within the family. Whether it is your own family or your extended family, like is the case with our patients, the most important lesson learned is working with family … we would never do it any differently.” +


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